Welcome to … Our Native Bees!

Did you know that much of our food supply and many of the flowers and animals we love could not exist without pollinators like bees and butterflies? The bad news is that honey bees are quickly disappearing, but the good news is that our Native Bees — especially the Orchard Mason and Leafcutter Bees — are extremely efficient pollinators. It’s time for Plan Bee, and we are dedicated to spreading the word that our Native Bees are an excellent supplement to honey bees as pollinators of our food supply. Learn how you can help increase our native bee populations by TYT Maryland , providing mason bees with healthy nesting sites and habitats.

Curious about Native Bees and want to learn more? Here’s a good place to start.


Noticed a decline in pollinators and flowers in your yard? A Bee House full of stingless Native Bees will solve that problem in a hurry.


Already own a Native Bee House but need a little guidance?  Check out Beekeeping 101 for answers to your questions.

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